From 1.1.2015 the literature work of Scripture Mission merged with that of Soma Biblia. And we are now one big, happy Christian literature family, under the name Soma Biblia Society. The merging has enabled us to reach wider with our literature, and to strengthen the distribution AND the publishing department. To read more about Soma Biblia, check out our wonderful webpage

Welcome to the Scripture Mission compound in Sakina, Arusha
So what do I find if I go to the Scripture Mission compound these days?
Well, first and foremost, the heart of the literature work of Soma Biblia, the Soma Biblia Publishing Department holds office at the Scripture Mission compound. But if you are looking to buy books and Bibles, the Soma Biblia bookshop has moved downtown. You find a map and contact information here:

The Scripture Mission guesthouse,
with Mount Meru in the back
In our compound you also still find our wonderful guesthouse, accommodating mainly traveling missionaries from NLM, Scripture Mission, DLM and other Christian organisations working in East-Africa. We have four rooms, and altogether 17 beds. Self contained. To book a room or four, send an e-mail to:
Or make a phone call to Joakim Ami, the station manager, at +255 784 590 870.

But still, as confusing as it might be, the compound with its guesthouse and buildings, is still a part of Scripture Mission East Africa, with all its services looking to fulfill the vision "the World for Christ".

Welcome! Karibu! Velkommen!